Social Media: Recruiting & Promoting Testimonials From Former Smokers


In 2016/17 the Program Training and Consultation Centre launched a media capacity building and documentation of practice (DoP) project. Six projects consisting of health units/TCANs from across the province received training, consultation and a small amount of funding to help them to create and implement local media campaigns to promote quit attempts among adult smokers. The campaigns feature testimonials from former smokers focused on the negative health effects of smoking which the evidence has shown to be effective in increasing quit attempts and cessation rates.  

This webinar features lessons learned from three project participants, focusing on social media strategies for recruiting and promoting testimonials and evaluating results.


  • Daniel DePeuter, Northwest Tobacco Control Area Network Coordinator
  • Adrienne Adas, Public Health Promoter - Perth District Health Unit
  • Olivia Martyniuk, Tobacco Program Coordinator, Public Health Branch, Community and Health Services Department, The Regional Municipality of York

Date of Resource:2017/10/19
Target Audience:Public health intermediaries interested in developing local media campaigns to increase quit attempts in their community.
Topic:Developing social media strategies for recruiting and promoting testimonials from former smokers and evaluating results.

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The resources and toolkits that were developed as part
of the Media Capacity Building Project can be found at:
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