Smoke-Free Ontario Modernization: Report of the Executive Steering Committee


The retail environment is now the major channel used by the tobacco industry to promote initiation and use of tobacco products. Despite significant progress in denormalizing tobacco products and tobacco use, and despite research evidence demonstrating the links between availability and use, tobacco products continue to be sold 24/7 in convenience stores, grocery stores and gas stations across Ontario. This webinar will provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the relationship between tobacco retailing and tobacco promotion in Ontario, including new developments regarding the marketing and sale of heated tobacco products. An update on Bill 174 as well as a summary of the research evidence supporting retail reform will also be covered. 

Drawing There is a range of options to address this problem provincially as well as municipally. Tobacco manufacturer payments and incentives to retailers were banned in Quebec in November 2016; participants will learn about this precedent-setting legislation, as well as how it has affected the tobacco retailing environment in Quebec over the past year. From a municipal perspective, participants will also learn how the City of Hamilton is licensing both tobacco and e-cigarette retailers, and what options it is considering for the future. Other possible municipal approaches and strategies will also be shared and discussed. 


  • Melodie Tilson, Director of Policy, Non-Smokers' Rights Association/Smoking & Health Action Foundation
  • Pippa Beck, Senior Policy Analyst, Non-Smokers' Rights Association/Smoking & Health Action Foundation
  • Heidi Rathjen & Flory Doucas, Co-Founder and Co-Director, Quebec Coalition on Tobacco Control
  • Heidi McGuire, City of Hamilton Public Health 

Date of Resource:2018/02/13
Target Audience:This webinar will be of interest to public health practitioners and policy makers working in comprehensive tobacco control.
Topic:Point of Sale: The Next Frontier in Tobacco Reform

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