Media Engagement


Why media engagement is important to achieving public health goals

  • Media engagement is a proven tool for social change.
  • Mass media has the power to set policy agendas and determine social priorities.
  • Earned media can help build community support and advance healthy public policy.
  • Earned media can support broader public education and awareness campaigns.
  • The strategic use of mass media is important in the creation of healthier communities.

How public health can engage the media 

  • Monitor and track how your issue is being covered in the media. The Media Network offers a daily media monitoring report called the Media Network News (MNN).
  • Develop a communications plan and strategically engage the media at key points throughout the year through press releases or media advisories for announcing events. 
  • Use social media as part of your strategy. 
  • Respond to news stories with opinion editorials or letters to the editor.
  • Develop key messages and a Q & A document to engage the media and prepare for media inquiries.
  • Request a customized media training to build capacity to engage the media.
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