Expanding Brief Cessation Counselling to Professional Health Influencers


In 2016, Ontario's Cessation Action Plan was announced. This plan aims to ensure that people who smoke and want to quit can receive appropriate support from any health provider they see. While research exists about how health providers from primary care address smoking cessation in their practice, little is known about what quit smoking supports Professional Health Influencers (PHIs) provide and the opportunities that exist for them to deliver these supports to their clients. 

PHIs work beyond conventional primary care, provide regulated health-related services directly to clients, and could deliver BCC as part of their care practice. Included within this group are chiropractors, nutritionists, occupational therapists, massage therapists, midwives, social workers, among others. This paper explores the attitudes selected PHIs have about delivering cessation supports, and in particular Brief Cessation Counselling (BCC) to clients, and the opportunities and benefits of expanding BCC education and training to these providers.

Date of Resource:2016/12/22
Target Audience:Public health practitioners and health care providers working in comprehensive tobacco control.
Topic:Smoking cessation, cessation support delivery by Professional Health Influencers outside of conventional primary care.

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Expanding Brief Cessation Counselling to Professional Health Influencers

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