Knowledge Exchange


The Learning through Evidence, Action and Reflection Networks (LEARN) project is a knowledge development and exchange (KDE) strategy of the Program Training & Consultation Centre that aims to build capacity among public health practitioners, their community partners and researchers to integrate research and practice-based evidence in their work. This is achieved through:

  • Connecting and supporting relationship-building between public health practitioners, their community partners and researchers to facilitate knowledge exchange
  • Translating research evidence for practitioners
  • Documenting practice-based knowledge and experiences to support practice and inform research
  • Conducting community-based health research

PTCC undertakes an annual capacity building cycle to systematically assess needs and plan knowledge products and services. PTCC’s communities of practice represent one source of information for the needs assessment phase of this cycle.

PTCC addresses identified learning needs through a combination of knowledge development, synthesis and exchange strategies:

  • PTCC translates and synthesizes research evidence through backgrounders and literature reviews to support the use of research evidence in practice.
  • To connect public health stakeholders who can learn from and inform each other’s work, PTCC has set up province-wide communities of practice on specific topics of interest.
  • The communities of practice and PTCC's work in documenting practitioners’ knowledge and experiences related to the planning and implementation of specific programs and policies help practitioners to learn from each other’s experiences and replicate promising interventions.
  • Through researchers’ participation in the CoPs, research studies such as No Butts About It are developed to answer public health staff’s real-life practice questions.
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