The Development of the Indoor Smoke-Free Space Movement: A Documentation of Practice


Smoke-free indoor space policies play an important role in reducing smoking rates and protecting people from the harmful effects of second-hand smoke.

This documentation of practice explores how the movement towards smoke-free indoor spaces developed in and spread throughout the province of Ontario and the state of California. By discussing the strategies and processes involved in Ontario and California's successful development and implementation of smoke-free indoor space policies, this report can provide useful information to spur further action around smoke-free spaces, particularly in relation to smoke-free multi-unit housing.

In the webinar held on March 24, 2016, presenters who were directly involved in both the Ontario and California cases shared their experiences and lessons learned from the movement. The webinar was presented by the Program Training and Consultation Centre (PTCC) in collaboration with the Propel Centre for Population Health Impact.

Presenters included:

  • Irene Lambraki – School of Public Health and Health Systems and Propel Centre for Population Health Impact, University of Waterloo 
  • Darly Dash – Propel Centre for Population Health Impact, University of Waterloo
  • Donna Churipuy – Peterborough City and County Health Department
  • Carol McDonald – Ottawa Council on Smoking or Health
  • Carolyn Martin – American Lung Association (former volunteer advocate)
  • Michael Perley - Ontario Campaign for Action on Tobacco (OCAT)

Date of Resource:2016/03/24
Target Audience:Public health practitioners and policy makers working in comprehensive tobacco control
Topic:Smoke-free indoor spaces, smoke-free workplaces, smoke-free multi-unit housing

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