E-Cigarettes: Evidence to Guide Action


This webinar was presented by the Program Training & Consultation Centre (PTCC) in collaboration with the Ontario Tobacco Research Unit (OTRU).


  • Dr. Robert Schwartz, OTRU Executive Director, Associate Professor, University of Toronto
  • Dr. Bo Zhang, OTRU Research Officer
Despite a growing body of research on electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), there has been much debate about the effects of their use. While there may be potential for e-cigarettes to support smoking cessation, there are also concerns about possible adverse health effects, renormalization of smoking and tobacco uptake among youth, and other unforeseen consequences of their use.

This webinar provided an overview of a multi-component research study of e-cigarettes, including:

  • A systematic review of the literature related to their health effects and effectiveness as a cessation aid
  • A review of e-cigarette use in Ontario
  • Findings from a panel of adult smokers and a survey of youth and young adults on their perception and use of e-cigarettes
  • A social media analysis of e-cigarette message exposure, reach and content

Date of Resource:2015/10/27
Target Audience:Public health practitioners and policy makers working in comprehensive tobacco control
Topic:Electronic cigarettes, E-Cigarettes

The following resources were created for the webinar E-Cigarettes: Evidence to Guide Action, held on October 27, 2015.

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