Support for Workers who Smoke: Findings from the Ontario Workplace Cessation Demonstration Projects


This webinar was presented by the Program Training and Consultation Centre (PTCC) in collaboration with the Ontario Tobacco Research Unit (OTRU).

Since September 2013, OTRU has been working with Smoke-Free Ontario partners to evaluate the development, implementation and outcomes of workplace-based smoking cessation demonstration projects in 11 public health units (representing 13 health unit partners) across Ontario. The demonstration projects were implemented in occupational sectors characterized by high smoking rates: construction, manufacturing, hospitality and service, and mining.

This webinar presented evaluation findings from the demonstration projects and addressed the following questions:

  • What helps or hinders the development and implementation of quit smoking programs in workplaces?
  • What challenges and facilitators are encountered by participants of quit smoking programs in the workplace?
  • What workplace quit smoking programs are effective for different employees and under what circumstances?
Webinar Presenters:
  • Dr. Pamela Kaufman – OTRU Project Lead, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
  • Tracey Borland – OTRU Research Officer
  • Rita Luk  – OTRU Research Officer

Date of Resource:2015/03/24
Target Audience:Public health practitioners and policy makers working in comprehensive tobacco control, particularly those interested in smoking cessation.
Topic:Workplace smoking cessation, Ontario Workplace Cessation Demonstration Projects

The following resources were created for the webinar Support for the Working Smoker: Findings from the Ontario Workplace Cessation Demonstration Projects, held on March 24, 2015.

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