Implementing Tobacco Free Policies in Psychiatric Hospitals: Lessons Learned


This webinar was presented by the Program Training and Consultation Centre in collaboration with CAMH's Tobacco Free Initiative, and featured guest presenter Lilian Riad-Allen.

In this webinar, Lilian Riad-Allen, Project Manager of CAMH's Tobacco Free Initiative shares lessons learned from implementing a tobacco-free policy within a psychiatric hospital setting. Speaking to CAMH's journey, as well as the facilitators and barriers in implementing a project of this nature over time, the webinar provides an opportunity for the audience to gain a perspective of staff and patient attitudes related to this change and learn about recommended practices that CAMH is putting in place.

Date of Resource:2014/09/18
Target Audience:Hospitals interested in implementing smoke/tobacco-free policies at their organization, public health and smoke/tobacco-free stakeholders, and anyone interested in knowing more about CAMH’s journey to becoming tobacco-free.
Topic:Hospital smoking cessation, tobacco-free policies

The following resources were created for the webinar entitled "Implementing Tobacco Free Policies in Psychiatric Hospitals: Lessons Learned", held on September 17, 2014.

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Webinar Presentation Slides - September 17 2014

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Webinar Audio Recording - September 17 2014
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