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PTCC’s staff include: 

Steven Savvaidis

Steven Savvaidis, Senior Manager

Steven Savvaidis has managed the PTCC program since 2009. Steven’s areas of expertise include population-based tobacco control, planning and capacity building. Previously Steven worked as a planning consultant within the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term care and former Ministry of Health Promotion supporting the roll-out and implementation of the expanded Smoke-free Ontario Strategy. Prior to that Steven operated the secretariat for the Ontario Tobacco Strategy Steering Committee and worked as health promoter at a local public health department.

Steven.Savvaidis@cancercare.on.ca | (416) 971-9800 x3834

Lynn Ward

Lynn Ward, Team Lead, Planning and Capacity Building

Lynn is the Team Lead of the Technical Assistance and Media Network team. She began working with CCO in 2007 and moved into a role with PTCC in 2008 as a Coordinator. Prior to working at CCO Lynn worked as a manager in the hospital sector.

Lynn.Ward@cancercare.on.ca | (416) 971-9800 x3693

Grace Kuipers

Grace Kuipers, Senior Specialist, Learning & Development

Grace has an Honours Bachelor of Science and a Masters in Clinical Counselling. She joined PTCC in 2012 as a health promotion specialist/field staff. She is now PTCC's "go to" person for learning and development, and is responsible for the development, design and delivery of various PTCC trainings. Grace also works as a Registered Psychotherapist with a community agency in Toronto.

Grace.Kuipers@cancercare.on.ca | (416) 971-9800 x2994

Nancy Bradshaw

Nancy Bradshaw, Senior Specialist, Health Promotion, Toronto, South West and North West TCANs

Nancy Bradshaw, BASc. has over 25 years of experience in health promotion and community engagement with a diverse background including training, resource development, project management, policy and partnership building in multiple sectors. Nancy has been with PTCC since 2012 as a Senior Specialist, Health Promotion, providing technical assistance to the North West, South West and Toronto TCANs.

Nancy.Bradshaw@cancercare.on.ca | (416) 971-9800 x3158

Susan Himel

Susan Himel, Senior Specialist, Health Promotion, Central East and North East TCANs

Susan Himel M.E.S, B.A., has over 20 years of experience working in a variety of leadership roles in clinical health promotion, wellness, community engagement, health equity and adult education. Her current role at PTCC is Senior Health Promotion Specialist, and she provides technical assistance as a field support staff for the Central East and North East TCANS and Health Units.

Susan.Himel@cancercare.on.ca | (416) 971-9800 x2238

Donna Turner

Donna Turner, Senior Specialist, Health Promotion, East and Central West TCANs

Donna has a background in health promotion and communications, with a diploma in Public Relations. She previously worked in both mental health and LGBTQ health promotion with an emphasis on tobacco control and cancer prevention. Donna started at PTCC in 2016, provides technical assistance in the Central West and East TCANs, and has an interest in marginalized populations.

Donna.Turner@cancercare.on.ca | (416) 971-9800 x2468

Jason Chapman

Jason Chapman, Senior Health Promotion Specialist, Media and Communications

Jason has a Bachelor of Arts in English and Political Science from York University, and holds a postgraduate certificate in public relations from Humber College. Jason was with PTCC's Media Network from 2009-2014 and rejoined the team in 2016.

Jason.Chapman@cancercare.on.ca | (416) 971-9800 x2826

Lucy Blades

Anum Aftab, Specialist

Anum has an Honours Bachelor of Science in Health Studies and a Masters in Public Health. She joined PTCC in 2017 and provides research, planning, and project coordination support to PTCC management and staff.

Anum.Aftab@cancercare.on.ca | (416) 971-9800 x2986

Fedra Hoxha

Fedra Peloso, Project Coordinator, Training and Knowledge Exchange

Fedra has a Bachelor's of Arts and a Master's in Global Affairs. Fedra started with PTCC in 2013 as a Project Coordinator for the Training and Knowledge Exchange Team. In addition to coordinating all the training initiatives at PTCC she also is responsible for coordinating the logistics for the Knowledge Exchange Forums.

Fedra.Peloso@cancercare.on.ca | (416) 971-9800 x2349

Sherin Ramprashad

Sherin Ramprashad, Senior Administrative Assistant

Sherin is the Senior Administrative Assistant for PTCC. She joined CCO in June of 2012 and has been with PTCC ever since. Sherin supports various travel, procurement and meeting logistics as well as financial reporting and processing.

Sherin.Ramprashad@cancercare.on.ca | (416) 971-9800 x3248

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