Socia Media for Public Health Promotion - An Introduction


This webinar is an introduction to the use of social media in a public health context. It is catered to those with little to no knowledge or expertise in this area. This webinar explores the barriers and opportunities for social media in supporting public health and illustrates potential future applications of social media for health promotion.

Date of Resource:2013/01/29
Target Audience:This webinar is intended for public health department staff and practitioners, their community partners, staff and/or volunteers of community partner agencies and Non-Government Agencies (NGO’s).
Topic:Socia Media for Public Health Promotion

The following resources were created for the Social Media for Public Health Promotion - An Introduction webinar held on January 29, 2013, presented by PTCC’s Media Network.

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Webinar Presentation Deck - January 29, 2013

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Webinar Companion Guide: Social Media for Practitioners
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Webinar Audio Recording - January 29, 2013
Audio 9.46 MB
Question & Answer Document - January 29, 2013
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