From Your Dentist's Chair to Your Taxi: Study Updates From OTRU


This webinar provided an overview of OTRU’s evaluation work in the area of smoking cessation, and reported on a study exploring the experiences of three dental health professional groups (dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants) in smoking cessation. Findings from a pilot project that used a problem-solving and community engagement approach to explore the issue of non-compliance to the SFOA in taxis was also highlighted.

The webinar featured the following topics and speakers:

  • An Overview of OTRU’s Evaluation Work in Cessation, Alexey Babayan PhD;
  • Provision of Smoking Cessation by Ontario Dental Health Professionals, Jolene Dubray, MSc.;
  • Smoking in Taxis: Learnings from Problem-Solving/Community Engagement Approach to Risk Based Enforcement, Maritt Kirst, PhD;

Date of Resource:2012/10/24
Target Audience:Public health practitioners, their community partners, NGOs and others interested in learning more about tobacco cessation and SFOA enforcement in taxis.
Topic:Overview of OTRU’s evaluation work in the area of smoking cessation.

The following resources were created for the webinar, From Your Dentist’s Chair to Your Taxi: Study Updates From OTRU, held on October 23, 2012.

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