How to Write a PSA


Writing PSAs

A public service announcement (PSA) or public service advertisement is messaging that informs the public about an issue or cause and generally tries to raise awareness or change the public’s attitude or behaviour towards a social issue. A PSA is distributed through the media either in print, online or broadcast (radio or television) format. The media will often donate space or air time on behalf of the organizations or causes they believe will benefit their target audience.

In general, PSAs are sent to the media “ready to air” in either audio or video formats or for print as an image file. Sometimes radio stations, especially community or university campus stations, prefer the PSAs to be sent in a script format so their announcers can read them on air.

Date of Resource:2012/10/18
Target Audience:Healthcare Practitioners, Health Promoters, Communications/Media Specialists
Topic:Media Relations, Media Advocacy

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How to Write a PSA

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