How to Develop a Q & A Document


What is a Q & A Document?

A Q & A document is one of several tools in the media relations toolkit. It is an essential component, as it can help you prepare for and answer challenging questions regarding an issue or topic.

A Q & A document specifically outlines challenging questions you anticipate from the media, the public or stakeholders and includes detailed responses to them. It is also important to identify organized groups who may be opposed to your issue and include questions and answers in your document to help you counter their arguments and messaging. An opposition group’s messaging can be found by looking at the group’s website, their press releases or in media coverage that includes quotes from their organization. Being able to counter opposition messaging plays a critical role in the

*framing or reframing of an issue.

*Frames are the boundaries around a news story. They structure how the issue is portrayed, perceived and understood.

Date of Resource:2012/10/18
Target Audience:Healthcare Practitioners, Health Promoters, Communications/Media Specialists
Topic:Media Relations, Media Advocacy

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How To Develop Q & A

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