Webinar: Development of the Central West Tobacco Control Area Network’s System


This webinar, based on the launch of the LEARN Documentation of Practice: The development of the Central West Tobacco Control Area Network’s System of Local Tobacco Cessation was held for Ontario public health practitioners on September 22, 2011 from 2:00 to 3:30PM EST.

This LEARN resource presents the results of a multiple case study which highlights how six tobacco cessation Communities of Practice (CoPs) were developed and supported by the Central West TCAN Cessation Sub-Committee with funding, a collective approach to planning and evaluation, and related tools. The resource outlines the circumstances which proceeded the CoPs’ development, the rationale for the CoPs, and the steps taken to develop, launch and sustain them. During this webinar, we discussed the process of developing, launching and sustaining six CoPs within the Central West TCAN area and highlighted key success factors related to developing, launching and sustaining the CoPs.

Date of Resource:2011/11/11
Target Audience:public health practitioners

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CW TCAN CoPs DoP Recording Sept 22, 2011
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