The Smoking Zine: Using the Internet for Smoking Prevention with Youth

Organization Location - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The TeenNet Research Program based at the University of Toronto ( developed a web-based smoking prevention and cessation program called the Smoking Zine (short for magazine) ( The Smoking Zine evolved from web resources that were originally embedded on the more broadly-focused CyberIsle youth health website (a teens-only virtual island: The Smoking Zine, launched in 2000, is a five-stage interactive website program featuring self-assessment quizzes, games and peer-to-peer components designed to strengthen resistance to smoking and support healthy decision-making about using cigarettes for smokers and non-smokers alike. The program works to prevent non-smokers from starting to smoke (resistance self-efficacy) and to assist smokers to quit or cut down their cigarette use (action and self-efficacy). It also offers opportunities to connect to other youth for providing and receiving support around smoking via an on-line bulletin board. The Smoking Zine can be used as a self-help tool by teens themselves or promoted in a clinical or school setting with health or education practitioners. Almost (99%) all Canadian teens use the Internet. By reaching them through a medium they use and like, the Smoking Zine has the potential to influence the smoking behaviour of youth across Ontario and Canada.

Objective(s) - Prevention Cessation

Evaluation(s) - Formative Process Outcome

Approach(es) - Media

Site(s) - Schools Homes Health care settings Community at large

Theoretical Support(s) - Stages of Change Theory Social Learning Theory Health Belief Model Theory of Reasoned Action (Behavioural Intent) Other

Date of Resource:2009/09/09
Target Audience:Children to age 12 Youth (up to age 24)
Topic:Prevention Cessation

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