Woodstock Smoke-free Outdoor Spaces Bylaw Development and Implementation

This resource and accompanying documents are intended for tobacco control practitioners who are working to develop smoke-free outdoor spaces bylaws in their communities.  It provides an overview of the development and implementation of a comprehensive smoke-free outdoor spaces bylaw that came into effect on September 1st, 2008 in Woodstock, Ontario.

Date of Resource:2008/11/01
Target Audience:Health Professionals
Topic:Protection from Second-hand Smoke

File Type File Size
Creation of a Smoke-Free Outdoor Spaces Bylaw in Woodstock, ON: Background Document
140 Kb
Letters of Support
50 Kb
Legislation and Regulations 9.7 Mb
Description of Regulations for Certain Groups 450 Kb
Community Awareness Materials 700 Kb
Background Information 90 Kb
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