This project aims to reduce existing occupational disparities in smoking prevalence for young adult retail trade workers and to reduce retail trade industry employees’ and customers’ exposure to second hand smoke. To achieve these goals, this research project implements and evaluates an evidence-based workplace smoking cessation program developed to help retail businesses provide a smoke-free environment and to support employees to quit smoking. The program is designed to especially reach young adult employees (ages 18 – 34) who are a hard-to-reach population.

Pilot Phase

The project is currently in its pilot phase. This phase includes the adaptation, implementation and initial evaluation of the cessation program in four retail workplaces. Objectives of the pilot phase are to adapt the program to individual workplace needs, to study barriers to implementation and how they were overcome, and to conduct initial process and outcome evaluations. Results of the pilot phase will serve to improve the program and inform the development of practice-based implementation guidelines to support the wide-spread implementation of this program.


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