Program Overview


No Butts About It is an evidence-based workplace health promotion program developed to help workplaces of the retail trade industry offer a smoke-free environment to their employees and to support employees, especially young adult employees, to quit smoking.


This is a comprehensive program that addresses workplace smoking cessation at three levels:

  • At the organizational level, the program helps workplaces to develop tobacco-free workplace policies and to create a work environment supportive of a smoke-free lifestyle. A workplace health committee at each workplace will help ensure that the program is implemented in a way that meets each retailer’s unique needs.
  • At the interpersonal level, the program helps change social norms around tobacco-use at the workplace and encourages employees to support their co-workers’ efforts to quit.
  • At the individual level, participants learn how to successfully quit smoking and how to stay quit. Additionally, they learn to understand tobacco use as an addiction and about nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). This learning is facilitated by trained professionals who offer three workshops and regular drop-in opportunities for employees who want to quit smoking over a six-week period. In collaboration with the STOP Program, the program also offers free NRT for qualifying participants.
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