Becoming a CoP Member


Who should join?

  • Public health practitioners and community partners who work in the CoP's area of focus
  • Researchers who are actively studying the area of focus and wish to connect with practitioners to share knowledge and inform research priorities

Benefits to members

Participating in a CoP allows you to:

  • Learn from others and engage in collaborative problem-solving
  • Have greater access to expertise and useful resources
  • Have a connection to the field’s growing body of knowledge
  • Develop personal relationships with other colleagues
  • Generate new knowledge in the field and contribute to its advancement

Benefits to organizations

  • Enhanced problem-solving
  • Time saved by avoiding duplication of resources
  • Increased knowledge sharing and synergies

Each CoP has an online collaborative workspace which serves as a central “meeting spot” for CoP members to find out what’s new in their community, share resources with their peers, participate in discussion forums or send emails to other community members.

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