What is a CoP?


A CoP is a group of peers who share a concern, a set of problems or a passion for a particular field of knowledge. Our CoPs meet together face-to-face twice per year and monthly online. Through participation in a CoP, members deepen their understanding and collective knowledge of the topic area by interacting on an ongoing basis and building a collective knowledge base.

Our current CoPs include:

  • Tobacco-Free Policy (TF Policy CoP)
  • Increasing Quit Attempts: Engaging with Health Care Providers

Tobacco-Free Policy (TF Policy CoP)

Tobacco-free and/or smoke-free policies are important tobacco-control interventions. They are effective at reducing exposure to second-hand smoke, reducing youth access and exposure to tobacco products, encouraging tobacco-users to quit, supporting recent quitters and contributing to the changing social norms around tobacco-use. The Tobacco-Free Policy CoP brings together public health practitioners, researchers and other partners to exchange knowledge and share experiences in working to develop, implement, enforce and evaluate various tobacco-free and smoke-free policies.

If you are a member, click here to go to the TF Policy CoP online collaborative workspace.

Increasing Quit Attempts: Engaging with Health Care Providers

Launching in May 2016, the new Increasing Quit Attempts CoP will discuss evidence-based strategies related to increasing quit attempts at the population level. The CoP will begin with a focus on engaging health care providers. Evidence shows that even brief interventions delivered by a primary health care provider or allied health care provider can encourage quit attempts and support smoking cessation.

Additional content areas the CoP may explore include sustaining and evolving local cessation CoPs and networks, implementing the You Can Make It Happen (YCMIH) campaign, and utilizing media and communications to increase quit attempts.

If you would like to join this CoP, please click here to complete the intake survey.

For more information on the communities of practice, including becoming a member please contact:

Lucy Blades
Program Training & Consultation Centre (PTCC)
Phone: 416.971.9800, ext. 2924

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