Policy & By-law Development


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This workshop is designed to increase your confidence and skills to build local tobacco-free policy, with the opportunity to work on your policy goals, in settings such as post-secondary campuses, long-term care facilities, local conservation areas and workplaces. This workshop can be facilitated with community partners to engage in collaborative planning to build support for policy or with public health unit staff alone. Participants will be encouraged to select real program examples that can be worked through during the workshop.

You will learn how to:
  • Develop a strategy to move policy forward 
  • Create support for policy with different stakeholders 
  • Assess your organization’s and partners' readiness - what is in place, what is needed and what can you do to enhance progress?
  • Identify and engage champions
  • Build momentum
We will provide you with:
  • Strategies to overcome your specific barriers 
  • Lessons learned from policy and bylaw cases around the province
  • Practical tools to build your case
  • The opportunity to work through your own scenarios
Duration: Can be tailored to a full or half-day workshop.

Target Audience: Public health unit staff, municipal staff, post-secondary and community stakeholders and partners with an interest in policy development activities and tobacco-free partnerships.

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