When Cigar Packages Speak: Overview and Some Findings from the Chatterbox Project


This webinar drew from results of OTRU's Chatterbox research project and explored the ways in which tobacco companies use specific design elements—including descriptors, color, and imagery—to communicate messages that make cigars attractive to specific market populations such as youth. It was identified that this research provided a critical test of tobacco packaging as a communication vehicle. The webinar further explored the issue of messaging on packs pushing the boundaries of current regulatory policies, which prohibit lifestyle oriented advertising and false, misleading, or deceptive promotion. Policy options were discussed including the option of plain and standardized packaging and prohibition of new types of cigars.

The webinar concluded with an overview of the Chatterbox Glossary web portal developed by OTRU as part of this project. The Chatterbox Glossary is an authoritative source of information about cigarette package design elements. The Glossary describes the main textual, visual, and physical elements found on and inside tobacco packaging and describes the social functions that these elements serve including culturally informed meanings and connotations.

Date of Resource:2013/10/17
Target Audience:This webinar will be of interest to public health practitioners and policy makers working in comprehensive tobacco control
Topic:Tobacco packaging & product design

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