Creating Smoke-Free Spaces: The Development of Smoke-free Outdoor Space By-Laws (webinar)


This webinar extended from the recent dissemination of the Creating Smoke-Free Spaces: The Development of Smoke-Free Outdoor Space By-law Documentation of Practice. Key cross-case findings of the report were covered, exploring the contexts and mechanisms associated with the development of comprehensive by-laws in three Ontario communities. Each individual case was explored and asked to reflect on their experience in developing and implementing a by-law in their community.

This webinar featured the following speakers:
  • Laura McCammon-Tripp – Propel Centre for Population Health Impact
  • Kevin McDonald – Hamilton Public Health Services
  • Carol McDonald – Ottawa Council on Smoking or Health
  • Krista Oswald – Ottawa Public Health
  • Leslie Gordon – Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit
Participants gained an understanding of the key mechanisms to developing and implementing a comprehensive outdoor smoke-free by-law such as:
  • The role of  policy entrepreneurs and partnerships
  • Developing and taking advantage of policy windows
  • Highlighting opportunities for innovation in the by-law development process

Date of Resource:2013/06/20
Target Audience:This webinar will be of interest to public health practitioners working in comprehensive tobacco control and other areas of chronic disease prevention.
Topic:Development of by-laws in communities

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